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The sales team at Euro-Locks Belgium work closely with all our customers to ensure they have the right locks and locking systems for their requirements.

However, we also have the capability to work with your design teams and advise on the different locking system options at an early stage of your product development to ensure you use the most effective lock to match your requirements and budget.

Often that means recommending one of our extensive range of existing products. However, when an adaptation or a new locking system is needed our engineering team will propose a bespoke locking solution.

In-House Lock Design

Our CAD systems and design methodology are compatible throughout the Lowe & Fletcher Group, so our specialist lock design engineers from across the globe can be focused on a single proposal if necessary. We’ll work with you to ensure the locking system design meets all your needs for where it will be used, its methodology (manual or electronic) as well as the costs per unit.

Solid Model

When the design proposal is accepted, a 3D solid model of your locking system is made.

If required, locking system models can be made within a 24 hour turnaround to support even the tightest of product design schedules. Any improvements identified will then be incorporated into the lock design.

Tooling and Manufacture

Following the approval of the locking system design and model, dedicated tooling is manufactured, again to our in-house designs.

Before beginning volume manufacturing, we will submit off tool samples of your locking system for your final approval.

To discuss your project or if you require a bespoke solution, please contact us now.

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To discuss your project or if you require a bespoke solution, please contact us now.