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When a new swimming pool was being built at the 5th High School in Bydgoszcz, Poland, the school had a requirement for RFID locks, operated by wristband, to be integrated into the lockers. Not only would the wristband be used to access the individual lockers, it would also need to be used to gain entry to the pool and to monitor the amount of time spent in the pool.

The 3770 electronic latch lock was selected as the preferred solution. Installed into the interior of the lockers, the latch lock simply requires an electronic signal, transmitted through the wristband and RFID reader, to unlock the door. The latch lock also allowed integration into the access control entry system and timing and recording systems for use with the wristbands.

In case of system failure or if immediate supervisory access is necessary, the locking feature can be bypassed by use of the steel override key that is provided with each installation.

With a tough ABS moulded body, this slam-to-lock latch is a versatile and reliable addition to any access control and compartment locking system.

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