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20mm Push-to-Turn Latchlock 5720

A 20mm push-to-turn latchlock available in barrel nickel as standard.

Descrizione del blocco

New features of this latchlock include a distinct and audible ‘click’ when the handle reaches the locking position and a smooth, rotation action into the locking position.

Secured with a padlock, the latchlock also has a free-wheel turning system so even when locked, the handle will rotate freely without engaging or opening the lock.

A robust, easy to use lock ideal for many applications including lockers and office furniture.

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Product Code Body Length Finitura esterna Fissaggio serratura Spessore lamiera max Diametro del lucchetto chiedere
5720 20 Barrel Nickel Nut 13 Min 5 – Max 8
Caratteristiche standard
  • Standard movements: 01 (90°CW), 02 (90°ACW)
  • Standard finish: Barrel Nickel, Bright Chrome (available on request) and Satin Chrome (available on request)
  • Recommended Shackle Diameter: Min 5mm; Max 8mm
  • Nut Fix Housing: ≤13mm panel thickness
  • For cam information: See AnchorCams
  • Smooth transition for handle engagement
  • Positive position detent ‘click’ between open and close position
  • Free-wheel system with padlock fitted
  • Zinc diecast construction
  • Handle customisation (available on request)

Additional Information

20mm Push-to-Turn Latchlock 5720 technical drawing